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French Montana is becoming one of my favorite rappers to recently blow up. He’s been hot in the streets on the east coast for a little while now, but now he’s in the big leagues, and with his newest mixtape entitled “Mac and Cheese 3” he has cleared any doubt in my mind that he is here to stay for a while. This mixtape has amazing production value and more mature tracks like “sanctuary” and “Water” than I’m used to seeing from him. Our course you have the club joints on the tape too with catchy hooks like “Thrilla in Manilla”, “Triple Double”, and “Ocho Cinco”. French has no problem holding his own lyrically with the likes of big name features like Meek Mill, Ace hood, j. Cole, Tyga, Rick Ross, and Wale and has his own distinct sound and style as well. This mixtape has been on repeat for days in my car. Check it out.


I’ve heard a little bit about Dizzy wright. I’m a Vegas local born and raised, and the only notable Artist I can think of coming out of Vegas is Neyo. I was reluctant to download the “Smoked out conversations” mixtape, but it was buzzing and I wanted to give a Vegas artist the benefit of the doubt. Long story short, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Subject matter is a big deal to me, D Wright tries to make a point in every track, he makes sense, and he delivers positive messages without sounding too soft. I definitely recommend everybody check out this artist representing my city, the city of Las Vegas. You can download/listen to the mixtape here

Its been out for a few weeks and ive played through it a few times, not really a paUl wall/Fan but this is a good tape. Interested in seeing what he does next, check it out here


Never heard of this guy until recently, thought he was a rapper. But anyways, I downloaded this today because I got tired of seeing it, and im very happy I did. This dude is bringing R&B back. These few songs on this tape exhibit a cool mix of the new school and early 90s smooth R&B style. Definatlry worth checking out.

Coke boys 3 mixtape

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Hip Hop
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This mixtape is hotter than I expected, ill let it speak for itsself Here

track list:
1. Intro

2. Burnin by French Montana, Chinx Drugz featuring Akon, Kevin Gates

3. 9000 Watts by French Montana, Cheeze, Charlie Rock, Chinx Drugz

4. Celebration by French Montana, Chinx Drugz

5. Headquarter by French Montana, Chinx Drugz featuring Red Cafe

6. Drank / Smoke by French Montana featuring Mac Miller

7. Everywhere We Go by French Montana featuring Wale

8. Make Money by French Montana , Chinx Drugz

9. Pussy Quint Skit

10. Husband and Wife by French Montana, Nawlage

11. Ballin by French Montana, Rick Ross, Charlie Hustle

12. Dope Got Me Rich by Chinx Drugz , French Montana

13. 100 by French Montana, Cheeze, Chinx Drugz

14. Haven’t Spoke by French Montana, Chinx Drugz

15. Dirty Money by French Montana, L.E.P. Bogus Boys

16. Ghostbuster by Flip

17. Cool Whip by Charlie Rock, Cheeze

18. Tap That by French Montana, Chinx Drugz featuring Stack Bundles

Ace hood has quickly worked his way into my top 10 Emcees in rotation on my stereo in the last year, and this new mixtape called “Starvation” solidifies his position even more. I’m not gonna say it’s better than “The Statement 2”, but it’s at least as good. Ace didn’t include a lot of features in the mixtape , however he carries the mixtape just fine by himself, with his powerful delivery and hard flow on top of more excellent production mostly done by the Renegades. This is more good hype music, pre game or pre fight music. I have high hopes for his next studio album. Check out/ Download this mixtape for free HERE