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French Montana is becoming one of my favorite rappers to recently blow up. He’s been hot in the streets on the east coast for a little while now, but now he’s in the big leagues, and with his newest mixtape entitled “Mac and Cheese 3” he has cleared any doubt in my mind that he is here to stay for a while. This mixtape has amazing production value and more mature tracks like “sanctuary” and “Water” than I’m used to seeing from him. Our course you have the club joints on the tape too with catchy hooks like “Thrilla in Manilla”, “Triple Double”, and “Ocho Cinco”. French has no problem holding his own lyrically with the likes of big name features like Meek Mill, Ace hood, j. Cole, Tyga, Rick Ross, and Wale and has his own distinct sound and style as well. This mixtape has been on repeat for days in my car. Check it out.