Check out Emilio Rojas “breaking point”

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Hip Hop
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This is a rapper I’ve never heard of until the mix tape that I saw on datpiff called “Breaking Point”. This kid got skills, as well as a fairly powerful delivery and lyrics that tell a story of a rough childhood. I like how he seems to keep it real and raps about things normal non-millionaires can relate to. Production is also on point here for a mix tape, and after listening through this mixtape I can’t wait to see where he goes. Check out the mix tape at


Track list:
1. Breaking Point
2. Classic
3. P@$$Y And Cologne (I Got It)
4. Pimpin
5. Blame Me
6. I Thought You Knew
7. One Last Time
8. Realization
9. Middle Finger
10. SPIC
11. Take A Good Look Around
12. Look Up
13. Show Me What You Got (BONUS TRACK)


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