Nipsey Hussle- “The marathon continues Xtra Laps”

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Hip Hop
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Nipsey Hussle is a well-known but not quite mainstream west coast rap artist that in my opinion is a breath of fresh air for west coast hip hop. I just stumbled across a new mixtape of his that includes album quality production and rhymes, it’s called “The Marathon Continues” and It’s the second part of the marathon mixtape series, and it was just as good if not better than the first one. Then I see “The Marathon Continues: xtra laps” and I had to download it. And it was great, it’s a few songs leftover from the  marathon continues mixtape and they are all surprisingly good, easy to vibe to, a couple deep tracks, overall just like the first two mixtapes, this is a classic. Check it out, and the rest of the marathon series



1. Faith 2. Top Floor

3. Intoxicated ft. Goldie

4. Am I Gone Make It

5. Noah’s Ark

6. Sound Of My Ceremony

7. We Ride

8. We Just Havin Fun

9. Bulgari Shades


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