Kendrick Lamar “O.D.- Overly Dedicated”

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Hip Hop
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Kendrick Lamar is in my opinion one if the most underrated rappers of our time, and one of the best rappers out of Compton. I first heard of him on The Game’s “Red Album” on the intro where he killed Game on the track, and I was saying, who is this dude? Well I just listened through his O.D. mixtape and it was nothing short of amazing. He has some bluesy commonesque beats coupled with deep meaningful rhymes, he’s a rapper that provokes thought and actually has a subject and sticks with it on his tracks. Clever wordplay, good beats. I highly recommend not skipping over this one.
Track listing

Support real hip hop and 
buy it here: ITunes Overly Dedicated

Or download here : Datpiff Overly Dedicated


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