A few tips for boyfriend #2

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Random Thoughts
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If you know or suspect that the girl you are messing with has a boyfriend that she isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon, but you want to maintain the relationship you have with her, here’s a few simple tips:
1) If you text her, never say anything incriminating. NEVER use words like boo, or baby or any kind of pet names, that could ruin it forever. Always say things that could mean anything, so if the boyfreind happens to see the message for any reason, she has a chance to make up a good explanation on who you are and what the message was about. Example: “Do you still need me to take care of that for you?” She understands that this means “Am I still gonna get it tonite?” But she could tell him you are a Co worker doing her a favor at work or something. If the girl is scandalous, and crafty enough, she can instantly come up with a good story and diminish any suspicion that may exist and create an identity for you so you are now in the safe zone.

2) If you call and she doesn’t answer, don’t call again, just wait for her to Get back to you, most likely, there’s a reason she didn’t answer.

3) It’s best not to talk about her to your friends, one of them could know somebody that knows somebody that knows her man, and that’s all bad. The less people that know, the better.

4) Whether it’s phone, text, email or twitter, don’t talk about things that happened when you last went out, that’s just too obvious.

5) Don’t try to take up all her time, unless your goal is to snatch, but then none of this applies to you anyways. If she disses her man enough, he will start to wonder if she’s really doing what she says, and eventually she will get caught up.

6) Don’t talk about love or the future, this could freak her out, or get her too attached.

7) When it comes to sex, just remember, no hickeys, and ALWAYS use protection.

8) Last but not least, if you text her and she starts asking stupid questions she should already know the answers to, it’s more than likely her man asking those questions, and it’s a setup, cease texting immediately.

There are many things to consider when trying to maintain this kind of relationship, these are just a few of the basics.


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