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Another track has just been released by slaughterhouse called “Hammer Dance”, of course it had the lyrical greatness they usually exhibit, but I’m not sure I would chose this over “Monsters in my head” as a single. Yes, word is that this is the first single off the new album dropping May 15th. Check it out HERE

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Kendrick Lamar is in my opinion one if the most underrated rappers of our time, and one of the best rappers out of Compton. I first heard of him on The Game’s “Red Album” on the intro where he killed Game on the track, and I was saying, who is this dude? Well I just listened through his O.D. mixtape and it was nothing short of amazing. He has some bluesy commonesque beats coupled with deep meaningful rhymes, he’s a rapper that provokes thought and actually has a subject and sticks with it on his tracks. Clever wordplay, good beats. I highly recommend not skipping over this one.
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Slaughterhouse released a track called monsters in my head recently and if there are any more tracks like this on the album coming in May, I think we may have a classic LP coming. Check it out at HiphopDX

Nas says new LP finished

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Hip Hop
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On the 23rd Nas posted on Twitter “Ayo Jung! Ya Bday comin!! We goin in. 5 days NONSTOP!!! Plus we celebrating my LP being WRAPPED!!!!!!!” indicating that his new album “Life is Good” is finished.Word is that it’s set to be released in September, and the name may change, we’ll see. I dont know about everybody else but after hearing the single “Nasty”, and finding out he’s been working with swizz beats too, I’m excited to see how the LP turns out.   Check out the single “Nasty” below.


Nipsey Hussle is a well-known but not quite mainstream west coast rap artist that in my opinion is a breath of fresh air for west coast hip hop. I just stumbled across a new mixtape of his that includes album quality production and rhymes, it’s called “The Marathon Continues” and It’s the second part of the marathon mixtape series, and it was just as good if not better than the first one. Then I see “The Marathon Continues: xtra laps” and I had to download it. And it was great, it’s a few songs leftover from the  marathon continues mixtape and they are all surprisingly good, easy to vibe to, a couple deep tracks, overall just like the first two mixtapes, this is a classic. Check it out, and the rest of the marathon series



1. Faith 2. Top Floor

3. Intoxicated ft. Goldie

4. Am I Gone Make It

5. Noah’s Ark

6. Sound Of My Ceremony

7. We Ride

8. We Just Havin Fun

9. Bulgari Shades