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     Wale has been one of my favorite rappers ever since I heard “The mixtape about nothing” which was one of the best most original mixtapes I’ve ever heard. Then despite whatever sales his first major album got, I thought it was good. However, Wale came with “More about Nothing” and really solidified my confidence in him. I was trying to push that mixtape on people I knew so hard, you would think I was getting paid for it(I do that for mixtapes I really love). So I was eagerly waiting to see what he does with his talent. Out if nowhere I heard about an MMG deal and was honestly kind of skeptical, he was a different type of rapper so I was convinced they would totally take everything away from him that earned him his fan base in the first place. Then came the “eleven one eleven” mixtape, and much to my surprise, Wale was still Wale and I felt good about the deal because they took wale and gave him the major label backing he needed to make a big mainstream impression. Then the album didn’t sound like such a bad idea. “Ambition” dropped in 2011 and it was every bit as good as it potentially should have been. It has enough features to enhance the experience but enough solo tracks to not lose focus on who this album is really about. Songs like “Chain music”, “Slight work” and “ambition” banged, and of course there are tracks for The ladies like ” lotus flower bomb”, “sabotage”, and “ambitious girl 2” to change the pace a little.
     From a man that values lyrical content and subject matter, Overall, I would say that “Ambition” has to be one of the best albums of 2011 and is definately worth buying for the sake of real hip hop. Buy it herehere

Here’s a track list:
1. Don’t Hold Your Applause (Produced By Tone P)
2. Double M Genius (Produced By Mark Henry For Terror Squad Productions)
3. Miami Nights (Produced By Mark Henry For Terror Squad Productions)
4. Legendary (Produced By Toomp For Zone Boy Productions)
5. Lotus Flower Bomb
 (feat. Miguel) (Produced By Jerrin Howard)
6. Chain Music (Produced By Tone P)
7. Focused (feat. Kid Cudi) (Produced By Kore)
8. Sabotage (feat. Lloyd) (Produced By. Cloud Eater)
9. White Linen (Coolin) (feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced By. Deputy)
10. Slight Work (feat. Big Sean) (Produced By. Diplo)
11. Ambition (feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) (Produced By T-Minus)
12. Illest Bitch (Produced By Tha Bizness)
13. No Days Off (Produced By Toomp For Zone Boy Productions )
14. DC or Nothing (Produced By Tone P)
15. That Way (feat. Jeremih & Rick Ross) (Produced By Lex Luger)


French Montana in DC

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If you are in DC or going to be in the neighborhood next friday, you should check out Ibiza, French Montana will be there so you know it will be full of ladies, groupies and most importantly, free drinks. For more info, click here. Here’s the ad:


I know I’ll be there, check it out.


When I first started hearing about this I wasn’t all that excited. I wasn’t really a big Jeezy fan, I looked at him as a good feature to have but never really cared to listen to any of his solo joints.  Well, this album made me a BIG Jeezy fan. He’s no poet, but his lyrics and energy will hype you up and make you want to go make some money, like Rick Ross. The production on this album is also top notch, I didn’t feel the need to skip even one single song, I have even added a few songs from the album to my favorites like “Higher Learning” which is basically a laid back, smooth weed song featuring Snoop Dogg, and Devin the Dude. The intro Singer “waiting” sets the tone well with it’s “Put On” style beat and the usual Jeezy delivery. Then the CD also includes the songs we’ve all heard on the radio such as “I do” with Andre 3k, and Jay Z, “Lose My Mind” with plies, and “Ballin” featuring Lil Wayne. Bottom line is, this album is a classic, and was worth the wait through all the push backs. TM103 made me a bigger Jeezy fan, and should definately please any long time fans ad well. You can buy it here: Itunes TM103 . And here’s a track list:

1. Waiting (Prod. By Lil Lody)
2. What I Do (Just Like That)
 (Prod. By Drumma Boy)
3. O.J. Ft. Jadakiss & Fabolous (Prod. By Lil Lody)
4. Nothing (Prod. By Lil Lody)
5. Way Too Gone Ft. Future (Prod. By Mike Will)
6. Supafreak Ft. 2 Chainz (Prod. By D. Rich)
7. All We Do (Prod. By Midnight Black)
8. Leave You Alone Ft. Ne-Yo (Prod. By Warren G)
9. Everythang (Prod. By Lil Lody)
10. Trapped Ft. Jill Scott (Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
11. F.A.M.E.
 (Fake Ass Muthafuckas Envy ) Ft. T.I. (Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
12. I Do
 Ft. Jay-Z x Andre 3000  (Prod. By M16)
13. Higher Learning Ft. Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude & Mitchelle’l (Prod. By Lil C)
14. This One’s For You Ft. Trick Daddy (Prod. By Lil Lody)

Another mixtape that came out of nowhere and completely blew me away. T.I. is a well known force in the industry that seems to get locked up,then come back strong over and over again. This mixtape is full of bangers and much better than his last one entitled ” f*ck a mixtape”, and as a matter of fact, ” fuck da city up” might be one of the best new mixtapes I’ve heard in the last few months( and there are A lot of good ones).It includes features from jeezy, B.o.B., Meek Mill, and even Dr. Dre makes an appearance on here. I actually didn’t skip any songs on this one. If T.I. drops an album this year, and it’s as good or better than this mixtape, it will no doubt be a classic. Download it for free at Datpiff

Here’s a tracklist for you:
1.Fuck Da City Up Intro
2.Fuck Da City Up Feat Young Jeezy Prod By Chuck Deisel
3.Hot Wheels Feat Travis Porter Young Dro Prod By T-Minus
4.Loud Mouth Feat 2 Chainz Prod By Valentino Khan
5.On Purpose Feat Trouble Rich Kidd Shad Prod By Jazzy Mex Manny
6.Stunt n Like A Fool Prod By Chizz
7.Pimp Feat Pimp C Too Short Prod By Cavi
8.This Time Of Night Feat Nelly Prod By Mars
9.In A Nutshell Feat Lady G Spodee Prod By Will
10.Jeezy Speaks Interlude
11.Who What When Feat Meek Mill Prod By Toomp
12.The One Prod By Manny Fresh
13.Piss n On Your Ego Feat B.o.B Prod By Lil C
14.Harry Potter D.O.P.E Feat T.I Prod By Hit Boy
15.I See Ghost s Feat Future Rocko Prod By Lil C
16.I ll Show You Feat Pusha T Prod By Cut The Check
17.Oh Yeah Feat Trey Songz Prod By Just Blaze
18.Popped Off Feat Dr Dre Prod By Dr Dre
19.Fuck Da City Up Outro


*****I’ve only listened through it twice so far but I’ll can tell you, if you like Common, you’ll like this. It’s the same type of soulful material you’re used to, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Its the type of music that stimulates the mind, gets you thinking about, and appreciating the simple things in life. Common hasn’t lost it, and he came back hard and made one of his best albums to date. Definately worth checking out.

Throwback jam

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Listening to ” Me against the world” by 2pac. One of the joints that really showed his poetic genius.

2 Chainz on shoes

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Found this video over at where rapper 2 chainz talks about why he chooses Louis V. shoes over other shoes. I think it’s funny that all he can talk about is how they cost ten times more than Jays.

see the video here: 2 Chainz on shoe selection